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I purchased 4 new tires from their Elizabeth City, NC location at a good deal for a little over 700 bucks. They are 65,000 mile tires.

The manager talked me into roadside assistance with their warranty another 200 bucks (what a rip off) well I get my vehicle back and at 65 mph shacking in the steering wheel I take it back and tell them it’s not balanced. They said the weight fell off. Get it back again slightly shaken take it back for a third time and the tech takes my vehicle for a test drive comes back and says the vehicle cut off on him in the middle of the road and now the manager is under my vehicle telling me my exhaust is not exhausting properly and he said he was thinking it was the cat. That pissed me off because I just had Nissan put a new exhaust on.

I take it immediately to the dealership and he said there is nothing wrong. So my tires are still not balanced and I have a trust issue with that tread quarters. I asked Nissan if they could road balance them for me. Mechanic comes back and says unfortunately you are gonna have to go to tread quarters again because you have a bad tire.

I then take it to the Chesapeake , VA location next thing I know this guy is telling me I need an alignment and the shaking I’m feeling is a bad shock. I told him I just replaced rear shocks he says “hope they didn’t charge you for them because they didn’t replace them”. Proceeds to take me under the vehicle and show me a rusty bolt was proof it wasn’t replaced. Take it back to Nissan they said that’s *** the reason why there is a rusty bolt is because they didn’t come with new bolts so he had to put old bolts back on.

He then proceeds to check the alignment and shows me where the vehicle was tampered with.

Nissan mechanic did a free alignment since he did it not to long ago and said “please don’t go back to tradquarters ever again “. I am taking his advise I will never step foot in a tread quarters again!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tread Quarters Tire Replacement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Not all tread quarters work as you describe. My service was perfect.

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